Europe Forecast - May 15, 2023
Windy north
Wet & very windy Norway

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 15th May 2023
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Heavy rain and showers affecting central and southern Europe.

A breezy day though mostly dry across Spain and Portugal. Showers still could form over the Balearics but perhaps a drier day compared with yesterday here. Heavy rain expected the Tyrrhenian Sea that is likely to affect parts of central and southern Italy then on across Sicily later. Mostly dry with warm sunshine through Greece and Turkey.
Showers as well as longer spells of rain across much of France, though western areas perhaps fairing drier. Heavy showers across Switzerland into west Austria. Relatively cool and showery across the Nerthlands and Germany looks mainly dry. Improving across southern Poland though staying unsettled towards the north here.
Showery through Denmark and spells of rain, at times heavy and persistent across the Baltic States. Sunshine and showers affecting Norway and Sweden. Largely dry yet breezy across Finland.

Another breezy day across Spain and Portugal, windy in the north. Most staying dry though the odd shower cannot be completely ruled out. Largely dry with sunny spells through the Balearics. Wet and windy through Switzerland, Austria, much of Italy and the Balkans. Showers, some heavy, across Greece into Turkey.
A windy yet largely dry day across France, the Low Countries and much of Germnay, however south-eastern areas will see thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain. This is similar with southwest Poland, elsewhere here will be dry.
Wind strengthening across Denmark but it is mostly dry here. Very windy through Norway with outbreaks of rain centrally and further north here. Some showery rain across Sweden with rather cloudy skies. Breezy yet largely dry through Finland. Outbreaks of rain largely clearing the Baltics.

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