Europe Forecast - May 27, 2023
North/south split
Unsettled across northern Scandi

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 27th May 2023
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Staying showery in the south and drier yet breezy further north.

Showers continue to break out widely across Spain and Portugal. A few scattered showers affecting the Balearics too. Much of Italy should be dry though some developing showers, particularly in the far north and far south. Greece and Turkey remain unsettled with heavy showers as well as longer spells of rain.
Scattered showers still across southern France while drier further north yet staying windy. Dry and breezy across the Low Countries. Less windy across Germany today and staying dry. Largely dry through Austria and Switzerland though a risk of showers across the Alpine regions here. Dry and fine across Poland again as well as Czechia in to many parts of Hungary.
A dry and fine day across Denmark as well as the Baltics still heading into this weekend. Breezy yet dry across Sweden. More cloud across Norway with outbreaks of rain moving in from the west. Dry with sunny spells across Finland.

Showers continue to break out widely across Spain, the Balearics and into north Portugal, southern Portugal staying dry. Sunshine and showers across Italy, some heavy and thundery. Heavy showers as well as longer spells of rain still affecting many regions of Greece and Turkey.
Heavy and thundery showers developing aross southern France, while staying dry, fine yet breezy further north. Breezy though dry across the Low Countries and Germany. Largely dry across Switzerland and Austria though some developing showers further south are to be expected. Dry with sunny spells across Poland and Czechia.
Staying dry and settled still across Denmark southern regions of Norway and Sweden as well as across the Baltics. Showers and or rain affecting northern Norway and Sweden where it is windy. Wiundy to across Finland with some showers as well as longer spells of rain which look to clear from the west here.

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