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Forecast: Mo, 24.07.2017, India

Cities: 23 (1565) Temp. Weather
Bandipora 21°C  mostly sunny
Baramulla 22°C  mostly sunny
Chamba 22°C  showers
Darjeeling 23°C  showers
Falna 25°C  heavy showers and thunderstorms
Gangtok 20°C  showers
Hazaribagh 25°C  heavy showers and thunderstorms
Jaigaon 24°C  showers and thunderstorms
Junnar 25°C  showers
Kendujhar 25°C  heavy showers
Kullu 22°C  isolated showers
Mhowgaon 25°C  rain
Mount Abu 25°C  heavy showers
Nashik 25°C  rain
O' Valley 22°C  various clouds

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