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Europe Forecast - October 09, 2021
Thundery southeast
Many countries dry

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 9th October 2021
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Rain affects north and western Scandinavia

High pressure continues to bring a lot of fine weather for central, western and northern regions of Europe. Plenty of sunshine and some morning fog which may leave local zones of low cloud. Very warm in southwest Spain and Portugal, up to 30C. A few showers are possible for eastern Spain. Low pressure over the eastern Mediterranean brings unsettled conditions with thundery bursts for southern Italy, Greece and the Balkans.
Mild again for Scandinavia, with rain focused on western Norway, whilst the Baltic is mainly dry.

Areas of high pressure continue to influence much of the continent, with fair weather extending from Iberia to Germany and eastern Europe. A good amount of sun for France and the Low Countries. Generally dry for the Alps.
A few showers again near to eastern Spain. Low pressure and thundery rain for southern Italy, Sicily, mainland Greece and the southern Balkans region. Turkey should be mainly dry barring an odd shower.
Windy for southern Scandinavia, especially Sweden
. This mild southwesterly flow extends into Finland. Low pressure over Norway brings heavy rain to the north.

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