Europe Forecast - January 03, 2023
Rain & wind in north
Fair in south

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 3rd January 2023
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Rain in the northern half of Europe but fair to the south

Fair for Spain and Portugal today with good spells of sunshine. Some showers in eastern Spain. The central Mediterranean should be fine and Italy will have plenty of sunshine and will be dry. Greece and Turkey will be dry too with sunshine here throughout.
Fair for most of France with dry conditions and some sunny spells although breezier in northern France. Breezy too in the Low Countries with some outbreaks of rain. Patchy ria in northern Germany buit fair for the rest of Germany with sunny spells. A fair day too in Poland with sunshine here. Hungary should be fair with good spells of sunshine, and it will be staying fair in Austria and Switzerland.
Denmark will have rain and strong winds. Snow and windy in the baltic States and Finland. Fair and cold in Sweden. Rain for the south of Norway, but fair in northern and central Norway although cold.

Another fair day in Spain and Portugal. Good spells of sunshine and feeling warm. A scattering of showers and cloud through the Balearics. Sunny and dry in Italy as well as Greece and Turkey.
Wind and outbreaks of rain and drizzle in central and northern areas pof France. Dry in the south. Windy too in the Low Countries and most of Germany as well as Poland. Hungary should be dry with good spells of sunshine. Fair for Austria and staying fair across Switzerland too.
Windy in Denmark with rain followed by showers. Windy too in the Baltic States. Dry for Finland but cold here. Dry in northern Sweden but rain and snow in the south. Norway will be cloudy and wet to the south, but dry and cold in central nd northern areas.

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