Europe Forecast - September 03, 2022
Largely dry
Scattered showers

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 3rd September 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Heavy, thundery showers push more over Greece

Mostly dry through Spain and Portugal though higher cloud is likely to move in across the north and west later. Scattered thunderstorms across the Balerics and Italian islands. Heavy rain, likely thundery, is expected across central regions of Italy. Dry and fine through Greece and Turkey.
Heavy, thundery rain still an issue across south and east France. Cloud building in the west but largely dry until overnight. Outbreaks of rain moving through the Low Countries into south and west Germany. Unsettled with heavy showers, some thundery through Switzerland and west Austria, drier further east here. Dry and fine across east Europe, though some heavy rain expected to affect Croatia.
Largely dry through most of Norway and Sweden, however, showers are still pestering southern areas. Some patchy rain and drizzle in the east of Finland, otherwise dry though cool here still. A few scattered showers across some northern Baltic countries, otherwise dry. Patchy rain affecting some northern regions of Denmark, however, mostly dry and breezy once again.

A fine start for Portugal and Spain, staying largely dry with cloudy periods. Chances of high winds in some northern regions of Spain and western France, these areas are also likely to see heavy rain move in. Cloud cover will be extensive throughout France with scattered showers possible but mostly dry weather. Any showery rain across Italy will become confined to southeastern areas and across northern Greece. Turkey will be mosty dry and fine.
Mostly dry for Germany, Czechia and Austria with chances of light afternoon showers. A similar outlook for Eastern Europe with a cooler evening for Latvia and Estonia. Windy though mainly dry across Denmark. High pressure centred just to the west of Norway sees a mostly dry day across Norway, Sweden and Finland though showers are expected in southern regions here.

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