Europe Forecast - September 12, 2022
Heavy rain in the west
Windy Denmark

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 12th September 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Gusty winds and outbreaks of rain across north and west Europe.

Cloud with outbreaks of rain moving eastwards across Portugal and Spain as well as into western parts of France also. Breezy across these regions too. Largely dry with plenty of sunshine across the rest of the Mediterranean, although, the odd shower is expected across Greece into Turkey.
Central and east France will be dry with sunny spells. Dry and largely fine across the Low Countries, Germany and the rest of the central and eastern Europe.
Denmark seeing cloud thicken and rain push into western areas through the afternoon. Outbreaks of rain, some heavy, spread across southern Norway into southwest Sweden. Dry and fine elsewhere here. Largely dry across Finland but more cloud and some patchy rain across northern areas. Dry with a good amount of sunshine across the Baltic states.

Unsettled through western parts of Europe with outbreaks of rain and blustery winds affecting much of Portugal, Spain and France, making it feel cool here. Cloudier skies build across the Balearics through the day though it should be mostly dry here. Dry and sunny across the rest of the Mediterranean.
Outbreaks of rain move into Belgium reaching southern regions of the Netherlands in the afternoon as well as patchy rain across southern and western Germany. Rain also affecting western parts of Switzerland, otherwise a dry day across the rest of Europe.
Windy with some light showery rain across Denmark with high winds affecting southern coasts of Sweden and Norway. Outbreaks of rain across Sweden and Norway pushing into the Baltics through the day and feeling cool. Mainly dry across Finland though winds will strengthen with cloud building for many.

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